Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Serendipity around town

Weekend getaways are, have and always will be an urban man's savior. It could be anything as small as a cool coffee date, a walk down to the shopping lane or a roaring yet blissful beach. I personally choose to follow any of these simple ideas, as they make me happy and give a chance at times to stay away from life's hustle bustle.

So about last to last Sunday I decided to visit this quaint yet interesting beach of Dana Pani with my friend. He was pretty adamant about the place, kept repeating how its a must visit. And well, he was every bit right about the beach and its serenity. 

Life's good in Black&White too

Quirky Dana Pani

The attraction of the beach is massive! It had me engrossed right from the start of the lane, from the wind singing and dancing along the birds during the evening sun, with the waves gently humming in the background. I was completely mesmerized, a cacophony so alluring!

Walking by the shore towards the clear waters,  passing the kids fishing with hand made rods along, and squishing of the basket ball  by a group of youngsters playing at water's edge got me smiling. 

Further on at the junction of land and sea, amidst the brown rocks, lay my favorite spot. Where I chose to sit and drink in the nature's beauty. With the mammoth ocean in front of me and trees chiming at the back end, I couldn't be harassed any more about worldly care.

You don't get to see this often with today's gamer generation.

You can spend your entire day just enjoying nature's beauty

Crystal Clear Water

Standing Out

Located at the end of Marve Road, just a little further from its famous counterpart Aksa Beach, Dana Pani stands out in many ways. Unhabited by tourists, travelers and commercialization (unlike its adjoining counterpart) this beach gets to maintain its glory neat and clean. Less number of people to judge you, is every man's private wish. Was mine too, I got to sing and jump without anybody staring (much) at me. What an ultimate weekend breather!

One thing that got me jealous here, were the absolute snug bungalows. Sea facing view, ultimate desired calmness, less of pollution and traffic, one needn't ask for more.

So, what do you'll say? A nice walk by the beach sipping on coconuts, (without the need to go all the way till Goa) for a 'in your city' getaway? In case you are uncomfortable about walking on the sand then there's a clean smooth road near the shore too. With the monsoon still around, plan your day out soon.


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