Thursday, 23 January 2014

Poem- A Goan Delight

Away from the grey reality checks,
vary from the buzzing corporate stress
Shines the Goan land
basked in an aura purely divine.

Wonder what makes it glow?
Look for the dancing sunshine and sparkling constellations
on crystal blue tides and velvety black skies
And you'll know.

Oh! but there's more,
From narrow windy lanes to colorful market trails,
Of white cathedrals and sparkling casino sails,
Goa charms you to and fro.

Savor on spicy fish curries
with your favorite bottle of bubbly,
As you ride away to the open seas
for you'll taste sweet happiness.

So sink in to these flavours of life,
every once in a while.
All it takes is a young heart
for a Goan Delight!

This poem is exactly how I feel for Goa, based on my past experiences. A small tribute to the pretty lil territory that has given me so many happy moments. 
But do feel free to share your memories here with me :)